Questions about the Services

Frequently asked questions about [all] of the services offered:
Why change my thinking?
Simple; what you think you create.

Does positive thinking help?
Positive thinking leads to positive change. Positive change leads to a healthy, happy fulfilled life. By making the positive changes necessary in your everyday life to thoughts that focus on what you want, you create what you want. Thought is the first step in manifestation. Think positive thoughts. Get positive results. Positive thinking creates positive changes. It’s that simple. Positive thinking works. It’s worked for others… it can work for you. Start changing your thinking today.

What’s all the hype about Manifestation?
Manifesting is fun and easy. Anyone can manifest. The key is knowing the rules and having the right instruction. You are always creating your life with your thoughts (all levels of them), you are always manifesting- even when you don’t realize it. You are able to Manifesting isn’t just about getting what you want, it’s about working with your Mind and Spirit to create a life that is fulfilling and balanced. If you follow the simple rules and guidelines you’ll discover that creating what you want is easy.

Does Coaching Really Help?
Having a personal coach can make the difference you want in your life. Just by accepting a different perspective on any situation, opens you up to new thought; it stretches your thinking to create healing, change and gets you focused on achieving your goals. Having a personal coach is like having a cheerleader in your corner, a dear friend who never interrupts or says and thing negative and a guidance counselor who always offers encouragement, help and support. A personal coach may be exactly what you need. You could use them one time to help with one situation or person you need healing with, you may use their coaching expertise to cultivate or change an environment into a solid foundation to achieve all of your goals. You may want to use a personal coach simply to help change your outlook on your life and to be reminded that all of your goals are attainable that every situation is malleable and able to be healed or moved into a healing state. You may want a personal coach just to remind you that there is always help and support weaved through out.

What is Spiritual Healing?
It is using Spiritual Energy/Light to raise (the person’s) vibration to promote healing and bring balance (into the body, cells, etc.).
Can anyone learn self hypnosis?
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis is easy to learn, easy to do and you get great results! You learn how to relax your body and program your mind. Self hypnosis classes and seminars are fun and entertaining. You can take hypnosis classes alone, in a group or listen to a download. Which ever way you decide, self hypnosis is a valuable skill that everyone can benefit from.
What can I expect from listening to the downloads?
Expect the very best; for the downloads to work their magic on your mind; to change your life. They will bring you an increase in money, more security, confidence, love, healing… Exactly what the download is for.
The title should explain what the download is for; each download has a specific theme. If you are in one of the programs, then each month has a topic that you’ll be doing exercises and downloads that support your current topic.
How do I know if the downloads are working?
You’ll see a difference, feel differently, hear things in a new way and your thoughts will have shifted. You may find you feel better, be more confident or you may (eventually) notice that the things that used to bother you, don’t anymore. Those negative thoughts or worries just disappear; it’s hard to notice… because they aren’t there anymore!

What’s the benefit of the joining one of the monthly clubs vs. buying each download separately or taking a class here and there?
The best thing about a monthly club is that your subconscious mind expects it. It knows that in two weeks you are going to be programming it with something different. When it is expecting something new in two weeks, then it knows how long it has to make the current download work. You are putting the ‘routine keeping’ part of your mind on a schedule.

Why get a Psychic Reading?
Psychic readings can be a great tool to help you make better decisions in your life to create the outcome that you want. You only get psychic information for two reasons.
1. to prepare you for the future
2. is to change it. Imagine how many ways you could improve the quality of your life, achieve your goals faster (and easier) and how much simpler and more joyful your life could be if you relaxed about the future and the decisions you are making.

Do you have Guides you talk to?
I ask for your Higher Self and my Higher Self to make the best use of the time and I ask for all the information to come through my Higher Self. So, if you have a guide that wants to come through during a reading, then yes. Sometimes it’s your Spirit Guide or Angels; sometimes it’s your body or inner children; sometimes it’s a past life or your emotional self; it is whatever is to your highest good at the time.
If you want to hear from your spirit guide(s) just ask ‘them’ a question (through me).
In your own words, what is a psychic reading like from you?
I’m fast. Very fast. Think of what you want to know and write everything down. Bring it with you; most people take notes or jot things down as we go.
Usually, you won’t even look at the paper (I don’t need it-you do; your mind does… it set you up for me. And it makes the whole thing better.)We talk. It’s nice…you should feel like you’re sitting down with someone who you have known for years and that knows everything about you and likes you for who you are. In that session time, you are reminded that the whole world does revolve around you and that you have choices and options. You can check your own intuitive messages, hear from your loved ones, and have a greater, deeper understanding of the people in your life, your situation and what the future holds. Everyone needs someone they can trust, let their guard down with and that has no investment in the choices they make or how they live their life. The truth is that no matter how tough life seems to be there is always a Light at the end of the tunnel… my job is to remind you that you are already standing in it; the tunnel is the messenger that your focus my be skewed. Again, my job is to remind you are your owning shining, guiding Light and that shift in consciousness, mapping out a clear path for you to attain your goals (whatever those may be) the questions being answered, your emotions being soothed and the preparing for the future, well, that’s just the bonus.
What’s better a ‘psychic reading’ or a tarot card reading?
Preference; I can teach when I use tarot cards. I can explain why and how with each card. If you love tarot or have your own, tarot is the way to go. But, sometimes the cards take longer. But really, it’s what you are more comfortable with.
If you have a specific deck you like you could bring it and do your own spread and I could interpret it (the way I see it) for you.

Why don’t you guarantee a recording/tape/cd?
I record it in the office for you (as a courtesy) and you are more than welcome to bring your own recording device. As odd as it may sound, sometimes they just don’t work. It is energy, Spirit, Light and much more powerful than a computer or a recorder (if they had to compete- your Higher Self would win by a landslide). Plus, Spirits are able to manipulate electricity.

What should I expect when I schedule a pet psychic reading? There’s not much difference between a regular psychic reading and a pet psychic reading except, of course, that I’m talking to your pet! You’d still need to bring a list of questions and concerns.

Why don’t you have to be with the animal to communicate with them?
I am talking to them mind to mind.
How do I know you’re really talking to them?
You should be able to tell by the information I am giving you. And, remember, the majority of a pet psychic reading is to help you to know what your pet needs and what you can do for them.

Why would someone want an out-call appointment?
There’s a variety of reasons; some people are unable to travel, some like the appointment in the comfort of their home or office but most enjoy the personal service and anonymity.

What advice would you give someone about helping themselves in any area of their life?   Go through the recommended reading on the products section of my  website. (click here) If you’re drawn to something, read it… but always ask your Higher Self if it is to your Highest Good and listen to your intuition to what is true for you.
Is it possible for that one thing/those books to help every aspect of someone’s life?
Yes. It’s about consciousness. We are talking about the mind, spirit… your soul, body, programming… Is there any time, any place where you didn’t bring your body, your mind or your soul? That’s why this field can help everyone with everything (if they are open to it and want the healing/change)… because it is them that is helping them. The techniques will be different, the origins from different places but everyone has a mind.

What is it that your mind cannot overcome, once you remove it’s limitations?
Really, imagine your life without limitation… that is what you/your mind can do.